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SineOscillator Class Reference

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Private Member Functions

void setPhaseStepFromFrequency (const LADSPA_Data fFrequency)
 SineOscillator (const long lSampleRate)

Private Attributes

LADSPA_Data m_fCachedFrequency
const LADSPA_Data m_fLimitFrequency
const LADSPA_Data m_fPhaseStepScalar
unsigned long m_lPhase
unsigned long m_lPhaseStep
LADSPA_Data * m_pfAmplitude
LADSPA_Data * m_pfFrequency
LADSPA_Data * m_pfOutput


void activateSineOscillator (void *pvHandle)
void cleanupSineOscillator (void *pvHandle)
void connectPortToSineOscillator (LADSPA_Handle Instance, unsigned long Port, LADSPA_Data *DataLocation)
LADSPA_Handle instantiateSineOscillator (const LADSPA_Descriptor *, unsigned long SampleRate)
void runSineOscillator_FreqAudio_AmpAudio (LADSPA_Handle Instance, unsigned long SampleCount)
void runSineOscillator_FreqAudio_AmpCtrl (LADSPA_Handle Instance, unsigned long SampleCount)
void runSineOscillator_FreqCtrl_AmpAudio (LADSPA_Handle Instance, unsigned long SampleCount)
void runSineOscillator_FreqCtrl_AmpCtrl (LADSPA_Handle Instance, unsigned long SampleCount)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file sine.cpp.

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